The Alavi Foundation Reviews

The Alavi Foundation initiated the Support for the Arts Program in 1984. In the past, we have provided funds for many projects carried out by universities, museums and art exhibitions. These projects have made significant contributions in the introduction of Islamic and Persian arts, handicrafts and tribal arts of Iran and the Muslim world. The Foundation has supported projects such as the Sacred Heart University Bakhtiari Tribal Art Exhibition in Scotland, the American Museum of Natural History’s Traveling the Silk Road Exhibition in New York City, and the Textile Museum’s Persian Carpet Exhibition in Washington D.C.

From the most innovative companies that produce the products that the world runs on, to agencies that the American government runs on, to the institutions that serve and educate our nation, to just about every field in America’s professional and entrepreneurial landscape, Americans of Persian and of Muslim descent contribute to the growth and strength of this great nation. Providing support and services to those that offer so much to American culture and progress is the Alavi Foundation’s badge of honor. Alavi Foundation invites you to learn about its past and current efforts, and its future outlook.