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The Alavi Foundation initiated the Support for the Arts Program in 1984. In the past, we have provided funds for many projects carried out by universities, museums and art exhibitions. These projects have made significant contributions in the introduction of Islamic and Persian arts, handicrafts and tribal arts of Iran and the Muslim world. The Foundation has supported projects such as the Sacred Heart University Bakhtiari Tribal Art Exhibition in Scotland, the American Museum of Natural History’s Traveling the Silk Road Exhibition in New York City, and the Textile Museum’s Persian Carpet Exhibition in Washington D.C.

From the most innovative companies that produce the products that the world runs on, to agencies that the American government runs on, to the institutions that serve and educate our nation, to just about every field in America’s professional and entrepreneurial landscape, Americans of Persian and of Muslim descent contribute to the growth and strength of this great nation. Providing support and services to those that offer so much to American culture and progress is the Alavi Foundation’s badge of honor. Alavi Foundation invites you to learn about its past and current efforts, and its future outlook.

Five natural estrogen boosting foods men should stay away from

Estrogen in men plays an important role in the regulation of testosterone, several brain functions, bone health, skin health, sexual drive, emotional disturbance, type 2 diabetes,loss of muscle mass, lethargy, enlarged breasts for men and cholesterol regulation.

As a man ages, the testosterone level decreases in his body, while estrogen increases. As the estrogen level in the body increases, it eventually results in decreased testosterone level; which is the main hormone responsible for a man’s sexual drive and ability to impregnate women. It starts to drop, especially if they haven’t been physically active and eating healthy.

Hence, it is important for men to follow a diet with low estrogen boosting foods if they want progress in their health patterns. There are many natural foods which boost your estrogen. We’re going to enlighten you about those foods which you seriously need to keep out of your diet plan if you want your estrogen levels to stay normal.

  • Dried Fruits

One of the most common things consumed by people are dried fruits especially dried apricots, dates and prunes. They are all healthy fruits but cause your estrogen level to rise if taken in excess amounts or if the estrogen level in your body is already high.

In that case you should avoid dried fruits because they contain phytoestrogen which enables your body to produce more estrogen. The fact that these dry fruits have high sugar content which also causes estrogen to rise is also an important aspect of why they should be avoided. So moderate amounts of dried fruits should be consumed because estrogen is important for the body but as you grow old, estrogen automatically starts to increase because of which such foods should be avoided.

  • Beans

One of the healthiest natural foods considered are beans due to the high fiber content and low cholesterol present in them. They are also high in phytoestrogen which stimulates estrogen secretion in the body causing the estrogen levels to rise; therefore, high estrogen is not an indicator of good health.

Beans are taken as a side meal, but they are so rich in estrogen that even a small amount of it increases the estrogen percentage in your body. However, they are also considered to be healthy because they have low cholesterol level and are very good for diabetic patients. So moderate intake of beans is good for health but men who are already suffering from high levels of estrogen should avoid them as that would result in many other serious health problems.

  • Sugar

Too much sugar content also increases the estrogen levels in your body. Foods rich in carbohydrates result in increased estrogen levels as well.

Excessive sugar causes different types of hormone secretion in the body, for example when you eat sugar enriched foods, your pancreas secretes insulin for the breakdown of that sugar content and when different types of hormones are secreted, estrogen is also secreted in the body, which results in enlarged breasts in men because of the abnormal levels of estrogen present in the body.

That is why excessive sugar content foods are considered to be unhealthy for men. Hence one should maintain a balanced diet to avoid health problems.

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  • Bran Cereals

These cereals are considered to be a great source for phytoestrogens. It would definitely add value to your diet if you’re looking to boost your estrogen. But if you’re a man desperately trying to control your testosterone, this might not be the idea of a perfect breakfast for you.

They can aid your hormonal stability if you’re looking to increase the estrogen in your body. Otherwise, don’t have them. These cereals are enriched with fiber and as you all are aware that foods excessively rich in fiber are not good for your testosterone, it is best you avoid them. Go for cereals that don’t prioritize bran much, especially those which have incorporated bran in their names. They are the ones heavily supplemented with fiber.

  • Soy

If you’re having any foods that are rich in soy or even made with it, its time you cut them out of your diet. Soy is considered to be a phytoestrogen which impacts your testosterone levels adversely hence, increases your estrogen level in body.

The sooner you leave it behind, the better it’ll be for your health. Studies have shown that males who eat soy enriched foods on a daily basis suffer from its negative effects such as relatively inactive sexual hormones. There are numerous other foods that are rich in protein; so stop relying on soy and start indulging in those. Keep soy far far away form yourself if you wish to boost testosterone and reduce estrogen.

It is important to avoid estrogen boosting foods for men to keep their hormones balanced.